We strongly believe that we are all here to create and share with the world our individual gifts and talents. And we believe the process of creation should be joyful and fun which is exactly what we want to share with our retreat guests!

Sure we all have mental roadblocks and fears that pop up to scare us into thinking we can’t manifest what we truly want. But with commitment and the right internal and external resources, there can also be an ease and grace moving through our fears.


There is no better feeling than being connected to your higher purpose, making it manifest, and sharing it with the world as an act of service. Each one of us has so many unique & incredible gifts to offer. If only we could channel our energy towards aligned creation, our world would be a much better place to live in!


We look forward to create a space for inspiration and deep inner wisdom with tools and resources to draw upon long after you leave the retreat. And for sure, the intense beauty of our locations will provide the perfect atmosphere for this to occur.


Some feedback we've received from our lovely guests:


"I have made relationship with people I would never come across in other areas of life, I have got into giving myself the space and time to explore things I just haven’t had time to explore personally, spiritually. I’ve enjoyed every moment I’ve been here and slept like a baby which I don’t normally do".


"Sometimes when I go on holidays it’s about  you know traveling and worrying about getting places, being on time and being responsible for myself and I can just layback Corinne took care of me. It’s amazing. I’ve never been able to holiday like this, to take care of my body and be taken care by someone else at the same time".


"I can’t wait to do another retreat, I am already started talking about when and where".


"I’ll have to say this is the best part of the trip is getting to know different people from different parts of the word".


"It’s not just yoga or hanging out in a beach someplace, you get to go on these cool things"


"Yoga here unlike my normal routine is like night and day, so focus and so centered"


  "I like to think of yoga retreats like adult summer camps, everybody is doing something that they love to do, there is a common denominator of yoga, a common denominator of wonderful setting and great food and really nice accommodations and there is a sense of community".


"I’ve never been on a yoga retreat but this is going to change because this has been an amazing thing I’ve done in my whole life". 


BALI excursion Kopi Luwak: The Civet Coffee Visit!
Trying Luwak Coffee. Also known as “poop coffee.” One of the most expensive coffees in the world! It sounds gross at first but after learning the history and tradition behind Luwak coffee, we have to try it!   https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2013/sep/13/civet-coffee-cut-the-crap


From waste to joyful art, Ocean Sole in Kenya  sculpts a new future for marine debris, one flip-flop at a time!

Scattered across the workshop floor is a rainbow of color. Bright reds and yellows mix with greens and purples, while shavings of bright blue drop to the ground from a sculptor’s hands. This is the carving room of Ocean Sole, a Nairobi-based recycling business that transforms marine debris into works of art. Their primary material, and the source of the vivid colors, is rubber from discarded flip-flops that are collected from the rivers around Nairobi and Kenya's coastline. Learn more in the video below:


Don't let Eat, Pray, Love put you off searching for a yoga trip on the Hindu island of Bali. The island positively oozes yoga in all manner of forms and styles so it's pretty easy to find one that suits you. We have teamed up with the Yoga Barn in the centre in Ubud which runs classes with disciplines ranging from ecstatic dance to Yin yoga and Vinyasa flow so you can literally roll out of bed straight into downward dog!

BALI #Awaken, Embrace & Celebrate the Goddess in You!

Spend 10 days rejuvenating with daily yoga and meditation sessions, plus a selection of Bali’s best cultural and wellness activities. Treat yourself with pool side lounging, laughing with new friends and wellicious  gourmet meals.

11 weeks to go and we have 3 places left!



In Marrakech these days, the streets are paved with gold. Liquid gold, that is Argan oil.



Health is a state of the body, Wellness is a state of being. #yusutra#wellness

Our Magical & Vibrant Wellness Retreat allows you to dive deep into the 8-limbs of yoga, with the richness of the ancient natural healing science of Massage, Sound Heaing and Acupuncture to cultivate greater balance in body, heart and mind during this life-enhancing yoga holiday. #yusutra #experiencewellness 

 At #Yusutra we like to keep things fun and spontaneous. Spot one of our bottles secreted in the gardens, unroll the scroll and you’ll be on your way to an unexpected treat. It might be a a spa treatment, a private yoga lesson or a bottle of wine. Whatever the reward, it’s on the house.



Life is better by the pool, isn't it? #Yusutra#Marrakech

Skin Therapy & Vit D garanteed!


Feel-good-Friday is back with us and YUSUTRA has got skin’’, well, under its’ skin! Many of the elements we will be enjoying in Marrakech revolve around the bodys’ largest organ, the skin….

2 square meters in size, skin covers our body and protects us from microbes and elements. Self-regenerating every 28 days, it helps to regulate body temperature and permits those wonderful sensations of touch which as therapists, we understand only too well. In fact, you will enjoy experiencing the sensitivity of your skin in many parts of our therapeutic programme. 

So much touch...

Just take a moment to focus mindfully on your favourite ‘touch’ sensation…. is it warm sunshine on bare arms, legs and face, or cool water refreshing and limpid. Maybe massage is your thing, in which case, a therapeutic treatment with warm, fragrant oils being teased and eased into the skin will induce a deep sense of well-being and invoke the relaxation response.

At a deeper level, the skin produces Vitamin D from sunlight which is  stored in the body for several months and vital for healthy bones.  New evidence also suggests that Vitamin D has a variety of effects on the immune system. Exposure to sunlight in Marrakech is going to give you a more than ample dose of this important nutrient and the dates of our trip, one day after the summer solstice - the longest day of the year - will guarantee maximum sunshine exposure!

Decorate & Celebrate, after a day of skin ‘therapy’, time to enjoy dressing up a little. Silk kaftans, harem pants and floaty tops are a must-bring to somewhere so vibrantly colourful and exotic as Morocco. You have nurtured your skin during the day, now is time to showcase it and make yourself feel beautifiul. Indulge. Add one of our authentic Morrocan Henna tattoos – done by our local expert and your skin therapy programme will be complete.

Music or frequencies, the spirit of life!


Music plays an important role in life- Music is Medicine. Traditional instruments are made from clay, wood, and animal skins. With a vibrant musical patchwork, we thought we'll add to it by introducing you to Sound Therapy during your Yoga practice. Sound therapy is said to help not only physical illness, but also help balance the emotions and quieten a busy mind. We were blessed this week-end to have access to such a powerful healing instrument and we look forward to helping you with Sound!

Geometry or Floral?


YUSUTRA wouldn't be possible without the amazing team of hosts, chefs, tour guides and local experts working together to carefully select the best location, healthy cuisine, exotic excursions, and itineraries to make each retreat unforgettable, restorative, and explorative for body and soul.

We flew to marrakech to meet with the team and we would like to introduce you to Malika our HENNA TATTOO ARTIST.  

The intricate designs of her tattoos are truly beautiful. Henna is highly regarded in Ayurvedic medicine for its ability to eliminate infection, impurities and soothing the stomach. The fragrant white blooms of the henna plant are even used to make perfume. Henna tattoos are created in a number of shapes and symbols, and many Morrocan women prefer henna flower designs for the feminine, delicate look of the tattoos. Which one will you choose?

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