We are excited to bring you our TRAVELLER TESTIMONY! This edition's blog guest is Kirsty from London. Kirsty is an active volunteer in her community. She loves yoga, travel, art, good food and wine, so we were thrilled to get her take on what it's like to experience a YUSUTRA retreat from her perspective.

"I took a gamble when I booked this retreat as I chanced upon it by accident one lunchtime when searching for a last minute " feel good" getaway.  It turned out that I stumbled on a real gem. The retreat had an organic feel to it in that if there was a need to change the schedule according to how the group was feeling or the weather, they went with the flow. This intuitive knack of knowing when to change things up to keep everyone happy made for a truly bespoke experience. The venue was perfect – peaceful, clean and plenty of space to take time out if you wanted alone time or lots of comfy communal areas to natter and bond with your fellow retreaters. The food was fresh and delicious and staff really friendly and discreet.
This retreat really stood out for me as time to step back, think and feel healthy but not take it all too seriously. If you’re looking to get your mojo back, kick start getting healthy, re-connect with yourself or simply want to relax and have fun in a beautiful place and meet great people. I strongly recommend you get booking!"


7th-16th JUNE 2019


Do you remember Julia Roberts walking down the streets of Ubud, cycling through the rice paddies, visiting Ubud Market and seeing a Balinese medicine man in the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” in her search for balance and harmony? Bali is a perfect haven for spiritual and physical healing. From its lush jungles, beautiful waterfalls and epic pranic vibrations there is no other place like it in the world. OMMAZING!        





13th-27th NOV 2018 


Africa changes you forever, like nowhere on earth. Once you have been there, you will never be the same. But how do you begin to describe its magic to someone who has never felt it?” From breathtaking sunsets, sunrises, tropical blue waters, wild bush Safari, enchanting full moons and a sky full of stars you feel like you are in space – Africa truly has magic.




20-29TH April 2018



Experience spirituality, meaning and deep conversation and discover a sense of stillness with powerful cleansing rituals where you let go of everything which no longer serves you, and take in that which moves you forward. Pure Bliss


KENYA YOGAFARI PART 1     18th-26th November 2017

Activate your Radiant self


The theme, Letting Go of 2017 and Stepping into 2018 will bring you to greater peace within as you put closure on the past and become aware of the freshness of the present.



20th-26th September 2017

Energize & Explore


Total wellness extends into all areas of your life. What else do you need to grow and thrive?



18-30th April 2017 

Awaken, Embrace and Celebrate the Goddess in you

We need to be conscious to know how to move forward… to build a new inner and outer world that honors who we are capable of becoming.



14-20 September 2016

Revive & Restore


Feeling tired, sore or just need a break?  Relax, Energise and Refuel. Body, Mind and Soul



22-28 June 2016

Exploring Union


Yoga is union with your inner divine self.


YUSUTRA Wellness Voyages & Retreats combines Travel & Therapy and is ideal for those who yearn for something more than just a trip away. We are passionate about creating truly memorable experiences that are a delight the senses and nurture mind, body and spirit. Our retreats take place in stunning locations and our venues are carefully researched to ensure the highest level of comfort for our guests.


We are passionate about helping you get the very most out of your time with us, so upon your arrival, you will receive a complimentary Wellbeing consultation to ensure that your needs are met during your stay with the support of a high quality multiple programme of Therapies (Yoga, Massage, Meditation, Sound therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine) local trips, cultural activities and entertainment you will be immersed in the spectrum of well-being.


Learning new skills and deepening self-knowledge in inspirational settings is what YUSUTRA is all about. Client care is at the very heart of our work. Om Shanti

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